About Kathleen Kemsley….

In 2014, I retired from a 33 year career in public lands and wildfire management.  That same year, cancer made me a widow after 29 years of marriage to a fellow adventurer.  I started this website to showcase my writing — travel articles and books both published and unpublished.  I will continue to post these topics.  But additionally, I’ve recently decided to go in a different direction: posting stories about the challenges of continuing to follow my passions of world travel, camping, and motorcycling as a widow, navigating alone in a beautiful and fascinating world.  Please travel with me to new places and new experiences in the landscapes of Planet Earth.

2 thoughts on “About Kathleen Kemsley….

  1. Ann Riebel March 19, 2018 / 13:01

    My grandfather was Clyde Crain, Otto Crain’s brother. My mother Marguerite Crain Meyers told us the story about Otto Crain dying of blood poisoning etc. and that he lived in Leadville. I live in Colorado. Just wanted to reach out to you and ask if you have any other stories about the Crains.


    • Kathleen Kemsley March 19, 2018 / 14:10

      Yes I’d like to have more info about Otto’s family too. We never knew much about his family other than that they came from Iowa. Please e-mail me and let’s trade family information! Mine is kitknm@hotmail.com.Thanks for getting in touch! Kathleen (Kit) Kemsley


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